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Kelz has been recording professionally since 2013.Over the years, he has been known for telling relatable stories through his music. He has carved a niche for himself with his catchy hooks and flows.
His first project was a mixtape called KELZURRECTION, which he dropped in 2017 months before he turned 19. As a younging, many were marvelled by his depth and hence it got him some good recognition in his home city and some really good number’s online as well.
The Ghanaian born artist, seeks to inspire his generation by telling relatable African stories through his music whiles reaching higher heights. He has a team of committed and loyal youngings who share similar dreams working with him who he acknowledges in one of his works, “Me & My Boys”.
In his own words “I want to make music that will stay and have an impact for decades. The goal is to ensure that aligns with what my supporters want to hear as well” When this happens we can all nod to his critically acclaimed collaboration with Kojo Cue “Die A Legend”


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